Neo Saudade is a collective work produced in residence by Lucia Vicente, Márcio Carvalho, Roberto Afonso and Tiago Margaça in Hotel25.

Saudade is a Portuguese word. It is one of the untranslatable words. Is a feeling of missing, although is very specific, in this case. This word was written for the first time by D.Duarte king of Portugal. The word born when the Portuguese ships were travelling around the world searching for new cultures. Was the feeling of the ones who stayed and the ones who lived that made SAUDADE.

Neo Saudade was the form that the artists found to translate the feeling of Saudade, in Berlin. Now it became a different feeling in a different time.

As foreigners in a different country we choose this word to talk about our home country, how we miss it, the food, the family. How we want to erase as well some saudades, how we have Saudade of Berlin when we are in Portugal and how we are affected by all of it.

There will be different happenings during the night, each one related to one of the artists in contrast with all the discussion of the term, in the residence time.